Friday, September 26, 2008


ONE day tenali rama went to the river bank for his bath.after his bath,he would go to the temple of goddess kali on the river bank and offer his morning usual he was on his way back from the temple, he heard someone call out his name. tenali rama stopped and turned to see a young man with a bundle on his head come running towards him. ''who are you?''asked tenali rama. ''don't you remember me?i am ravi, your mother's,cousin's daughter's eldest son''
explained the young man. tenali rama did not remember ravi. but all the same tenali took ravi home and introduced him as a distant relative. the visitor was actually posing to be tenali rama's relative. he was sent by enemy spies to kill the king of vijayanagar, krishnadeva raya. he had chosen tenali rama because he knew that the king trusted tenali.this would make it easy for him to reach the king without raising suspicion.
the king who was indeed very close to tenali rama, often trusted him with important chores of the kingdom.on this occasion, tenali rama was asked by the king to deliver an urgent and important message to the neighbouring kingdom. in tenali's absence the spy, ravi found a wonderful opportunity to kill krishnadevaraya. when tenali rama'swife had gone to near by village for some work. ravi sent a message to the king that tenali's wife had suddenly fallen very ill.
the king krishnadeva raya who often took personal interest in tenalirama's family rushed to tenali's house all alone. but on reaching there he found no one at home.''this is strange,'' thought the king.seeing the king preoccupied ravi, who had been hiding on the roof, jumped on king krishnadevaraya and tried to stab him. the stunned king who was stronger than the spy quickly recovered and defended himself and in no time overpowered the spy. the king called his guards and got the spy arrested.
the king summoned tenali rama to the court.''tenali rama you have been very foolish. how could you let someone stay in your house. someone who posed to be your distant relative but whom you have never met before?'' roared the king.''your foolishness and lack of concern almost cost me my life. you deserve to be punished for this,'' said the king angrily.''how would you to like to die?''asked the king krishnadeva raya.''you can choose the way you want to die and i will grant it for you.''
tenali rama humbly bowed before the king and said,''o king, i would like to die of lod age in your presence.'' the king was very amused and pleased with tenali rama's answer and forgave tenali. so once again tenali rama escaped punishment from king krishnadeva raya.

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